The Out of Africa Group

We Turn Ideas into Reality

Out Of Africa is all about an entrepreneurial company in our growing and ever-changing economy.

At Out Of Africa we strive to be innovative and create beautiful spaces, products and services that people can enjoy. We take entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into reality. 

Starting out working for his dad in a construction business from laying bricks to scrubbing down machinery on site, Guy Henley the founder received hands on training in the game and art of building. Then a stint in the office automation world honed his skills as a salesman. Later joining his father and mother in law in their business running the maintenance team for Century property Developments as it was known at the time.

Guy then went and started his own business Out Of Africa Developments together with his wife Tracy. Initially Out Of Africa concentrated on building spec houses in some of the most prestigious estates in Gauteng.

The company then branched out into building and running rental units in other areas of the province.

Now Out Of Africa Developments has expanded into the Out Of Africa Group. The Group has interests in free standing homes, rental units and the fuel industry with owning and running fuel stations.

The concept of growing as an entrepreneur is very close to the founder’s hearts and what the group is all about. From growing our staff and their individual skills sets to growing our range of business and expertise. Always being professional in what we do and taking it to an exceptional product that our customers will get the full benefit from enjoying. Whether a fuel customer on a forecourt or a tenant in a rental home you will feel the tangible touch of Out Of Africa.entrepreneurial

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